Ship / Return


Really quick and very simple. Here’s how it works.

Bought from Shop Ju-Ju-Be?

Thank you for buying from us! You have 14 days to return. Here’s how:
1 – Make sure it’s all just the way we sent it to you…meaning it’s unused, all hanging tags attached, all parts included, and packaged just like new! Note: We’d love to take back “gently used” goods, but we can’t. There are plenty of places to find a good home for them, though!
2 – Contact for an RMA number (your personal return code).

  • In the email please add the customer’s name (First and Last) . . . this should be the person who purchased the item (ie. hubby bought it for wife it will be under his name, not hers)
  • Original Shop JJB # if you are not sure where it is located, log in to your account, click on “completed orders”, choose the order # you would like to return things from (if you have multiple orders) and let us know!
  • What item(s) are being returned
  • Would you like a refund or an online credit? (For a full refund you have 14 days from when you received the item. 

3 – Write the RMA number visibly on the outside of the package. This is important…we can’t accept any returns without an RMA number on the package.
4 – Then send it to us using a trackable method (e.g., UPS, DHL). Note: We are not responsible for goods that get lost in transit if a trackable method is not used!

We will not pay for any Returns.

Bought from an Authorised Ju-Ju-Be Dealer?

They will be happy to return or exchange with you!


If you have a sad bag (a.k.a. a defective bag), we’re happy to replace it during its lifetime warranty as long as you have the original receipt. If you bought it from one of our authorised dealers, you will need to contact them and they will be happy to help you! If you bought it from Shop Ju-Ju-Be, contact and attach your receipt, as well as images of the defective item. If it is a true defect (see details below), we will provide you with an RMA number. As noted above, don’t send us anything without an RMA on the outside of the package. We can’t accept it. 

P.S. We don’t cover wear and tear. See below for what’s covered.


Ju-Ju-Be will replace manufacturer’s defects during its lifetime warranty from an authorised dealer. (YOU MUST HAVE YOUR RECEIPT OR PROOF OF ONLINE PURCHASE.) Our warranty policy is valid for the original purchaser only. Warrant does not cover any and all SALE items. Also, we do NOT honour print placement requests on returned/ exchanged or defective replacement items.

Customer must provide in writing to Ju-Ju-Be a detailed description of the defect, as well as digital pictures as evidence, along with an original receipt with the date of purchase. At that time, Ju-Ju-Be will evaluate each individual situation.

Ju-Ju-Be is proud to say that we have a very low defect/return rate and we stand behind our product. We also love to have happy customers. Please remember that these are hand crafted bags…they’re made by great people and not stamped out of a machine. We really do have the highest quality workmanship out there, so if it doesn’t affect the function of the bag, then some of the small things might just be there to add character and we love them even more for it. But every now and again, we come across a bag with a little personality problem and here’s what we’re going to do about it:

This warranty is subject to the following limitations:

  • Broken zippers, zippers that will not open or close properly, zipper pulls that are not attached
  • Unsewn seams (seams that are not sewn together properly by the factory)…this should be noticed right when you first receive your bag
  • Sliders on the strap not functioning or missing pins
  • Missing parts

Excluded from coverage under this warranty are the following:

  • Wear and Tear (includes but is not limited to)
  • Scratches on the outside of the bag from dragging, rubbing, or normal everyday use
  • Dirty spots or splotches
  • Dislodged gem from the zipper pulls
  • Changing Bags & Changing Pads that are washed and not dried thoroughly
  • Milk and/or other fluids that spill and are not cleaned thoroughly
  • Natural breakdown of materials
  • Excessive zipper wear (dislodged bling or zipper tabs)
  • Have no fear we provide replacements parts email
  • Rips and Tears
  • Fading (this includes UV damage).
  • Bags that have been altered or repaired by a non-Ju-Ju-Be provider.
  • Damage (including color bleeding) resulting from improper washing, drying or the use of improper detergents.
  • Items found missing 14+ days after purchase (changing pad, messenger strap, or backpack straps, etc.)
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