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Janice Davis (The Frank Mama)

Content Creator

Formerly known as Confessions Of A Pink Lady, Janice started off her journey with Ju-Ju-Be on the Photography Programme. After being on this programme for 9 months, Janice then became a Content Creator. Now, Janice works with Ju-Ju-Be as a Brand Builder, helping with client trainings as well as still making content for Ju-Ju-Be. Janice also runs a blog called The Frank Mama.  At The Frank Mama she provides the tools to help strong and independent mums who try to tackle motherhood on their own break down their barriers. Through sharing her own personal experiences, she reinforces the fact that motherhood should not be a journey embarked on alone. She encourages mums to seek help from others or use techniques or products which will as result make their lives easier.

Vita Zorge

Content Creator

Vita is mommy of three - Latvian but lives in London for about 10 years now. She runs hers own photography business called Vita Zorge Photography. Besides photography Vita loves to spend time with hers children, loves active lifestyle, bags and make up.

Passionated about skincare too. She also loves to travel and loves adventures, however the best she feels being home together with family spending quality time together. 

Christina Haidinger

Content Creator

I am Christina, a young mom from Austria and kindergartenteacher by heart. I have a son who is 1 year an 7 motnhs old - a little tumboy.

I do blogposts for Jujube europe and give you quick reviews about their bags and accessoires. More about Jujube is on my Instagram account chrisi_griasdi. I am part of the Blog Exchange Programme. 

Cristina Ziegler-Zanotta (Two Princesses Mom)

Content Creator

Cristina is 35 years old and lives in Basel, Switzerland together with her two daughters and her husband. She is born and raised in this beautiful town at the Rhine, however, her roots are Italian. As a typical working mom she tries to keep her family and her job as independent dentist in balance. She enjoys spending her free time outdoors. She gains energy and inner peace from yoga and pilates.Cristina tries to start every day with a smile - she is successful on most of the days, but sadly not always… She shares her daily life with other moms on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and her own blog

She creates pictures, videos, and Instagram posts and stories for JuJuBe. In addition to that, she can be seen live at least once a month on Facebook or Instagram and presents new products and prints. Cristina is part of the Content Creator programme since mid of August this year.


Content Creator

My name is Laura, 30 years old French. I'm Erynn's mom, lovely little girl, 2 years old. Since 2014, I am the editor of the parental blog "Around Erynn" on which I share my favorites.

I like photography and pretty things. I have been a content creator for JJB since 2018.And, I'm addicted to handbags so you understand my love for JJB?

The Lovely Bag Lady

Content Creator

Michelle is a busy mum of three children under the age of 6, so knows a thing or two about multi tasking! Lifelong bag obsessive, part time film critic and superstar singer in her shower, she tries to bring a little bit of fun to everything she does. Always laughing, usually over something silly she has done, she can be found over at the European Pink Lady Chat Group on Facebook where she's always available for a chat.

Michelle has been both a content creator and blogger for Ju-Ju-Be Europe since 2015 and now is our European Community Manager. Find her over on Instagram as Lovelybaglady.   

Cecile ( The Frenchie Mummy)

Content Creator

'Bonjour! I am Cecile, thirty-something French lady living in the UK with my toddler born in 2016, Baba and my partner Grumpy Boyfriend! I used to be a French teacher in the South-East of London but I am now having the dream life in the country! I love nothing more than cheese, Merlot, expensive handbags and shopping! In that order!

I am blogging at the Frenchie Mummy (check us out!) and we love sharing reviews and giveaways but also talking about kids' fashion and our adventures as a family!

And because we love being stylish, I am a brand rep for the gorgeous Ju-Ju-Be. Because being a maman does not mean you can not be fashionable! We test its pretty items and so far, it is a hit! Have a look at our channels for all our pics!

A bientôt!'


Content Creator

Soy Gi, generación del '79, de origen argentino pero viviendo en BCN desde 2002, madre de Vicky (2003), Sofi (2008) y Óliver (2016). Viviendo tres maternidades a la vez. Social Media Strategist en Gipande, blogger en desde hace 12 años y Co Founder de MOMpreneur. Asesora de lactancia, bartender y experta en Wordpress, apasionada de la infancia, de la puericultura, manos creativas y culo inquieto, me encanta aprender cosas nuevas, y he pasado por cantidad de hobbys que acabo dejando: scrapbooking, restauración de muebles, repostería, encuadernación japonesa, pintura al óleo... Netflix lover, amante del chocolate y fibro warrior. En mi próxima vida seré un unicornio.

Mademoiselle fitgirl

Content Creator

Coralie young mother of an adorable girl. Working active woman, always on the road, I like to discover the word around me and share my passion with my family. I love traveling. I'm a sportive mum who take care about my body . I started the content creator program in August 2018.

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