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Have you ever had someone ask you a seemingly simple question like, “What do you do?” but instead of providing an easy answer, you feel your eyes glazing over because you don’t even know where to start? I think it’s a safe bet that a lot of working moms have this experience.

I’m the mother of two young children. I’m also the Senior Content Manager at an online magazine focusing on home improvement called Modernize. In my “spare” time, I also host and produce a successful birth stories podcast—75 episodes to date—called, “The Birth Hour.” Occasionally, I sleep.

Only two things make it possible for me to wear so many hats, my supportive partner (who juggles his own busy career), and a serious commitment to organization. When I leave the house in the morning, I have to to be armed with snacks for the car ride, water bottles, homework, and my laptop—and those are just the bare essentials. If I forget one thing, it has the potential to throw my entire day off. Call me crazy, though I prefer the term “overachiever,” but I also want to look professional and stylish while pulling off my daily balancing act.

Ways a Working Mom Uses a Diaper Bag to Organize Her Life

Sometimes a girl just needs her B.F.F. or in this case, the B.F.F. Diaper Bag. The B.F.F. Diaper Bag has saved me from looking like a bag lady. Gone are the days of wrangling 3-4 bags and two kids. This soft, padded bag sits comfortably on my back, freeing my hands to enjoy a peaceful walk into school holding my kids' hands. As I head into the office, I can quickly convert the straps to shift the bag from a backpack into a professional tote.

Ways a Working Mom Uses a Diaper Bag to Organize Her Life

Some of my favorite features include the crumb drains. Nothing says professional like pulling out your laptop with a piece of soggy cookie attached to it, right? Not with this bag. It’s also machine washable, so no matter what gets spilled on it, I can keep it smelling fresh and looking new. The Teflon fabric protector helps prevent stains, and there’s also a specially treated liner that prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. It’s rare to find this level of durability in such a stylish bag. The best part is I get all of these features without anyone even knowing I'm using a diaper bag as a briefcase at work.

I also love the insulated side pockets that keep beverages for the kids cool. This is especially important as we make our way through Austin’s scorching summers, and it saves me from having to lug around a cooler. Plus, after I drop the kids off at school, if I want to pick up a coffee (or a much needed espresso), I can easily stow my own water bottle in a side pockets while I walk across downtown from my parking garage to the office. The light colored olive lining in this bag also prevents it from becoming a black hole that forces me to dig around, or worse yet, dump out my bag, to find what I need. There are pockets and sections for my cell phone, keys, and sunglasses, in addition to zippered compartments and large open spaces for items like my laptop or anything that I need to be able to grab quickly.

I get a lot of compliments on my bag and the best part is that no one ever thinks it’s a diaper bag —though I'm sure to tell of my fellow working moms where to find one of their own! Being a mother is a huge part of my identity, but when I’m pitching stories in a meeting or interviewing someone for my podcast, I want them to see my professional ability first and foremost—not the changing pad that I have discreetly stowed in my bag. As a I travel to conferences to promote my podcast, this bag has also pulled triple duty for me. Its structured bottom with luggage feet make it a great carry-on that keeps me organized when I’m in transit.

Ways a Working Mom Uses a Diaper Bag to Organize Her Life

While the “blooming romance” pattern that I chose may not be up my partner’s alley, on the days that he takes the kids to school, I can tell he’s jealous and will probably be getting one of the plain black ones for his birthday. I’ve even had co-workers who don’t have children ask about ordering the bag! Simply put, I’d be lost without my B.F.F.!



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