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Let's get real....

OMG, do you ever feel like you're on a flipping rollercoaster all day, every day?! Let me tell ya, I sure do! It's like you go from this high of love and happiness to "Is this really my life?!" Oh, and it also feels like the longest rollercoaster you have ever been on! Like "When is this ride over?!" Lord have mercy, am I right?

Some mornings my son is so easy and others it is the longest, most ridiculous few hours of my life. The hard ones go from "Oh good morning sunshine" to "Are you kidding me, please stop trying to bathe in the toilet!!" And it's not even noon yet, we aren't even halfway thru our day! I need a drink, haha!

I am a stay at home working momma and I'm not saying it's any harder than what any other momma out there has to do, but I will say this.. you NEED time away from your child for your sanity! Not kidding, I really have thought "No, I can do this. I'm fine. I don't need a break. Blah, blah, blah!" NOPE! Totally wrong! And ya know what there is absolutely 100% nothing wrong with saying that out loud. It's ok to need a break from your child! You need a break from your co-workers, your job, heck your entire life sometimes. That is why we like to take these things called vacations. So why should we feel bad that we need a "vacation" from the little one? We shouldn't and it should be encouraged. Why? Because you will be a better momma if you get off the rollercoaster of mommyhood and take a tiny "vacation."

You will come back with more patience, there will be less yelling, you will smile more and you and your child will have a much better day or even week for that matter! We all love our children more than ourselves, more than life. But the thing is, we don't just love our children and get to call it a day. We actually have to and get to raise them, the toughest job there is. So can we make a promise to ourselves, our children, our husbands and the random cashier at the gas station that may or may not have gotten the "mom look" today, that we will take a break? Just a little, tiny one from time to time to get off of the rollercoaster and breathe.

Jordan Trueba

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