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My Perfect Plan


My Perfect Plan

Many of you don’t know that it was a really long and difficult time for me and my husband trying to conceive. There were many days I cried thinking I’d never get the opportunity to be a mother. One negative pregnancy test after another, many trips to the doctor's office. When Jeffrey and I first talked about wanting a baby I remember thinking about how perfect everything would be and how it was the perfect time, I was young and healthy why not?

Exactly one year from the date we started trying I lost all hope. I kept hearing the voice of my OBGYN say if you try for one year and don’t get pregnant you are sterile. I had given up hope, I had stopped buying pregnancy tests, I had stopped planning and dreaming. That’s the thing with planning it doesn’t always turn out the way we plan!

One month after my OBGYN had said I wouldn’t be able to conceive I found my self not feeling well and thinking I was just getting sick and I remember buying a pregnancy test to make sure it was negative so I could take cold medicine but to my surprise it was positive!

My prayers were answered, I didn’t know what to feel or think or say. Was this real? Was this pregnancy test really accurate?

My Perfect Plan

I know I am not the only one with this kind of trial. There are many of us who hope and dream like I did, many of us who plan and plan and our plans don’t always work out. What I’m trying to say is that we can plan as much as we want but those plans don’t always come out the way we want and that’s ok, because, in the end, it will be Gods plan. Our plans don’t have to be perfect plans were gonna face trials and we are gonna face difficult times but I think it’s what we get from those difficult times and who we decide to face those difficult times with that make us stronger.

Infertility is hard it’s difficult it’s extremely emotional but hearing other mothers experience and advice helped me so much and I realize motherhood is beautiful we should all lift each other up and we should never feel alone.

I am so happy for the mama friends I have now and I am so happy for @jujube_intl and all of the friendships I have now.

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