Howdy from Mama Doody

Shall we introduce ourselves? Ok, I'll go first. I'm Helen & I'm a 32 year old Mum from the South coast of the UK. I am chief wrangler of 2 wonderful ginger ninjas; a 6 year old son and a nearly 3 year old daughter with my husband of 7 years.
After working as Systems Analyst I was lucky enough to become a stay-at-home Mum nearly 4 years ago. I've been dabbling with my blog writing for over a year now & can be found over at HowdyDoodyMama sharing my love of coffee, gin & sleep.


6 years of sleep deprivation? Nothing a good concealer and soft filter can't fix
I met my husband at university; I walked in to the freshers' fair to be coerced in to joining the Boat Club as a coxswain. Little did I know that not only had I just signed up to 3 years of early mornings freezing my backside off down the river surrounded my lycra wearing men, I'd just met my future husband. He was trickier to shake than a bout of Freshers Flu & 14 years later we've survived a move from one end of the country to another, 2 house moves, 1 wedding & 2 children.


Husband and I
A reminder that children age you, a lot


Although we live in a beautiful area of the country the down-side is we're away from family, 260+ miles away to be exact. Not an ideal scenario when you're a first-time parent, with suspected Post-natal depression & a husband that travels frequently with work. But more on how I survive those challenges another time (see where my love of coffee & gin comes from?).


Playing chase with the waves, the waves won
My parenthood journey has been a varied adventure so far; I've breastfed & bottle fed, baby-worn & pram pushed, co-slept & not, been a working Mum & now a stay-at-home Mum. Six years on I'm still fumbling my way through the challenges, just when you think you've got a handle on things they grow-up & change. One thing I have learned along the way is that you can't do it alone, they say “it takes a village” & I've luckily found my tribe, partly thanks to the wonderful community that comes with Ju-Ju-Be.
When I began HowdyDoodyMama I hoped to reach out to other parents, sharing not only the glossy   side of parenting often seen in the media, but the real life day to day antics of a mum just trying to survive until bedtime hiding in the kitchen. Think more “how not to” than “how to”! with plenty of truth bombs sprinkled on top.
Well it's been lovely to meet you & tell you a little about me, hopefully we will get to do this again soon ;)
Later lovelies xoxo
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