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I travel a lot. At least once a month I’m jet-setting from Los Angeles across states or oceans to appear at conventions, visit my family on the east coast, or explore a new city with my babe. New faces and sights are always nice, but the packing and unpacking used to take its toll… until I learned how to pack like a ninja.

My husband likes to call my method of packing, “Bags in Bags in Bags.”


This is the roller duffel I packed for five days at a convention in Toronto. The contents:



3 Ju-Ju-Be “Be Lights.” One for shoes, one for pants and skirts, one for nice shirts and dresses. Pro tip: Rolling your clothes instead of folding them will save you mucho room.

1 Ju-Ju-Be “Be Organized.” These three packing cubes are a game-changer. I used the long rectangular one for comfy t-shirts, the deep square one for bras and undies, and the smallest one for belts.



1 Ju-Ju-Be “Be Ready.” This makeup case is not only adorable, but the perfect size. I stuck a Small Set Piece in there for lipstick tubes, travel mascara, and a cover-up stick. Pro Tip: Decide on 1-2 makeup looks for your trip (a day and a night look, for example), then only bring the colors and palettes you need for them. No need to bring your entire beauty arsenal.


1 Ju-Ju-Be Large “Be Set” Piece. This holds all of my travel-size toiletries. I keep this packed with my essentials all the time and stored in my bathroom, so I don’t need to run around gathering everything before each trip. It’s a major time-saver.





JJBTravels_MedSetPiece_12 Ju-Ju-Be Medium “Be Set” Pieces. One of these holds nail essentials, the other has jewelry. Travel-size nail polish and portable nail polish wipes are so convenient. If I don’t have time for a manicure before a trip, I know I can give myself a quick coat of polish in the hotel room. A clear, rapid-dry top coat is a must-have if you’re on the go. As for jewelry, I like to put my necklaces in pouches and then put the pouches inside the Set Piece so they don’t get tangled.

1 Ju-Ju-Be “Fuel Cell.” You could pack your favorite snacks in a Fuel Cell (they are technically little insulated lunch boxes), but in this case I used mine to hold my camera, an extra lens, and a card reader.

In addition to the duffel, I also carried my new Ju-Ju-Be “Be Sporty” as my airplane carry-on.


Inside my Sporty was:



1 Ju-Ju-Be “MicroTech.” This cute case holds my iPad, which is an airplane travel essential. Pro-Tip: Download all your e-Books, TV shows, movies, music and podcasts a few days before you leave, so you’re not desperately downloading things at the airport, cursing its 1996-speed internet.

1 Ju-Ju-Be “Fuel Cell.” This one, I packed with snacks. Airport food is notoriously overpriced and underwhelming, so your wallets and taste buds will thank you profusely for planning ahead. Pro-tip: If you’re going on an overnight flight, pick up an easy, portable meal from your favorite restaurant on the way to the airport. On my last overnight flight in June, I picked up spring rolls from a Thai restaurant down the street from me, and I was so happy I had them right before we landed around 6am. I tend to wake up starving.

1 Water Bottle. Say no to $6 airport bottles of water. Instead, pack an empty water bottle that can be filled up after you go through security screenings. Lots of airports offer filtered water fountains now, which I really appreciate.

If you’re going on a long or overnight flight, I’d also recommend bringing a Medium Be Set Piece with a toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash (because morning plane breath is no fun), ear plugs and an eye mask to block out light and sound, and travel-size hand lotion (because planes can be SO DRY.) Ladies, you can also throw in any feminine products you might need.

When I got to my hotel, unpacking my roller duffel of Ju-Ju-Be bags was a breeze. It was like I had put everything in a drawer beforehand. Look how cute and organized it all looks!


JJBTravels_BagsUnpackedI only had a precious few hours of sight-seeing time before heading off to the convention, and I was able to make the most of those hours because I was so organized with my packing.

How I Travel With My Ju-Ju-Be

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