Going Green in 2019

Well hello again, I hope everyone survived the Christmas period and that 2019 is (so far) treating you kindly. I'll be honest and say since Christmas Dinner got demolished we've been hit by the Chicken Pox. It’s taken until the last week of January but we are finally pox free.

Anyway, back to the point. One of my goals for 2019 was to try and be greener, not just myself but as a family.

With my toddler still in nappies, and not wanting to move to reusable nappies so close to potty training I started with the other items I use for nappy changes.

I go through so many disposable nappy sacks; aside from the obvious use I’d use them for loads of other things. Even after switching to the degradable version I wanted to find another option.

The Be Dry is the perfectly sized wet bag; sealed seams, Agion-treated interior & of course fully machine washable. In our house my son has one for his school swim kit (fits a small bath towel, shorts, hat & goggles), my daughter takes 1 to pre-school for any wet clothes, we hang one from the car seat to collect trash & I use one for my gym kit. They are lightweight & fold up hand sized with the knowledge that whatever they've had inside them I can wash away in the machine.


 Love a versatile item, especially when it's pretty too

Love a versatile item, especially when it’s pretty too

Like any parent I love a good baby wipe & whilst they are pretty good for 100 plus jobs, the environmental impact of how many I was going through started to make me think. Not only do they end up in landfill, they are often (wrongly) flushed into the sewer system causing blockages.

Even if you don't want to use reusable cloth wipes for nappy changes they are perfect for weaning clean ups, post messy play & general around the house cleaning. You can buy ready to go sets (complete with storage boxes and cleaning solutions), buy basic face cloths or cut up your old towels. Ours are still going strong 6 years and 2 kids later so they have definitely earned their keep.


Always prepared for the next clean up

Always prepared for the next clean up

If your kids are anything like my 2 then they need a constant supply of food to prevent hangry (hungry + angry) meltdowns. Even a 10 minute drive requires some level of food source so rather than reaching for plastic sandwich bags I've got a set of the Be Snacky pouches for each child. Not only are they cute, they are the perfect size for a selection of nibbles for the small & big members of the family. Fully machine washable means you can either rinse or wash ready for your next adventure. Now I just need to buy some for me & the husband too.


Anti-hanger packs, essential for any family

Anti-hanger packs, essential for any family

When I was pregnant with my first I wanted to buy everything new, for some reason it was really important to me. I quickly realised that my child didn’t care how nice or expensive an outfit was, he’d poop, puke and pee indiscriminately. Plus he seemed to go through sizes at a rate of knots.

Whether its table top sales, car boot sales or swapping with friends I’ve saved so much money on clothing second time around. In fact a sure fire way to get my daughter to wear something is to tell her it was once her brother’s, anything to avoid toddler meltdowns are a win in my house.


I hope you find some of these helpful, even if it’s made you look at how you can make some small changes to your household to go greener this year.


Later lovelies x



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