Ju-Ju-Be Christmas Gift Ideas...

Hey Lovely Bag Ladies, it’s me Michelle here. The Christmas season is upon us and it can be so overwhelming! You spend your days making lists and trying to remember what you need to get for who. I do love December but anything that can take the chore out of Christmas shopping is always welcome. With that in mind, I’ve got some suggestions for Gift ideas that never disappoint.


1. Always Be Ready

One of the new additions to the Ju Ju Be Line up (and one I use every single day) is the Be Ready. Strictly speaking it’s been designed as a handy make up case. With elasticated loops for holding your brushes and lipstick tubes, it’s perfect for the busy mum on the go.
But it also has lots of other uses too. Love your planner and stationary? It can be used as a great planner caddy, with places for your pens and Washi tape. This would be a lovely gift with an adult colouring book too, filled with pencils to create the most gorgeous creations. Speaking of creations, it can also be used to hold wool and crochet needles! Endless possibilities for one little bag.

2. Be Spendy, Be Rich and Be Charged

I always appreciate a useful gift. It shows to me the person buying for me has really thought about my needs. What’s more useful than a wallet? Luckily Ju Ju Be have two type of structured wallet, the Be Spendy and the Be Rich. Both come in a wealth of colours and patterns to match all personalities. The Be Spendy can also be used as a mini clutch bag by adding a long strap onto the handy D Rings.
Need a small present for Secret Santa or a stocking filler? Then the Be Charged is perfect for this. It can hold bank cards, memberships and travel cards. Plus it can be attached to a lanyard for the perfect work pass.

3. Be Light

My all time favourite bag from Ju Ju Be is the Be Light. This little unstructured tote has so much life post your baby days. It’s the perfect bag for the school run or the work day. It can be a library bag for books or a craft bag to hold projects in! I have one that holds my knitting (not that I get much time to knit, but at least I know it’s there safe). Mums, Granny’s, Sister’s and Aunties will love this gift. In fact, several of my female relatives are getting one…just don’t tell them!

Treat Yourself!

I hope these ideas help you with some of your Christmas gift list issues. Until the New Year Ju Ju Be Europe are offering 25% off any orders over 150 Euros. So maybe you can throw something extra into your shopping basket for yourself. Go on, you deserve it.

I want to wish all you all a very Merry Christmas from all of us at Ju Ju Be Europe.
Lots of Love,
Michelle White, European Community Manager.


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